About me

Dr. Michelle Rae

Textile Expert.

As a courtroom trained textile technologist with 22 years experience across the textile industry, I have gathered extensive knowledge within areas such as; fibre and fabric identification, garment construction and performance.  My particular expertise lies within medical textiles, quality control, fault analysis and commercial disputes.
I am available for expert work in the UK and Europe.  I take a direct, no nonsense approach with clear deadlines.  I consider myself to be reliable, honest, ethical, timely and diligent.
I look forward to working with you.


Please find my CV attached for your perusal:

Graduated in 2000

With First Class BSc (Hons) in Textiles

22 years experience

In Textile Industry across the world including Levi Strauss, Nike, Zalando and consultancy at Harris Tweed, Lecturer at Heriot Watt Watt University in Garment Technology and Production Management.

Expert Witness Certified

 Cardiff University Expert Witness Programme completed in Report writing, Cross examination and Courtroom Skills and Criminal Law and Procedure.



PhD in Medical Textiles – Pressure Garments. Research at Edinburgh Univeristy


Won third year, fourth year best student award, Byron Award, Freedom of City of London, Member of Framework Knitters Guild, won Best Lecturer of the year, CiC Grant.


Understanding of the international textile world having worked and advised within the textile operations in Russia, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Turkey, India, China, France, Spain, Germany, Italy and USA..

Reliable, impartial, on-time reports and court appearances at reasonable rates. 

Contact me now to discuss further.